Root Beer Studios is an independent film and commercial production collective from Providence Rhode Island. Lead by artistic director Brian Bouyea, we produce commercials, web videos, short films, music videos and anything else you can dream up! We would call it work but we might as well just be hanging out with our friends.

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Root Beer Studios

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Recent Projects

In God we Trust, 2018

When her goody-two-shoes sister needs help preparing dinner at the local church, self-proclaimed "sinner" Jackie Locust (Laura Kennedy) finds herself torn between avoiding the reproachful priest and creepy custodian, and solving the mystery of the church's missing collection money.

Homestead, 2017

Created for The Providence 48 Film Project


Real estate agent Zack Westley (Zack Turnquist) returns home to convince his brother Jim (Jim Auger) to sell their recently deceased father's farm.


  • Winner - Best Sound Design, Providence 48 Film Project 2017

  • Winner - Best Editing, Providence 48 Film Project 2017

  • Winner - Best Acting, Providence 48 Film Project 2017

  • Winner - Best Cinematography, Providence 48 Film Project 2017

  • Winner - Best Film, Providence 48 Film Project 2017

  • Official Selection - Filmapalooza, Paris, France 2018

Coffee At Night, 2016

RBS Website Exclusive


When Eric (Nick Lord) and Rachel (Rebecca Magnotta) meet for a first date, the unthinkable happens: their cell phones die. Now they have to find a way to interact without them

  • Official Selection - SENE Film Festival, 2017

Forget Me Knot, 2017

When evil scientist Dr. June Cruz (Acei Martin) gets her heart broken, she and her henchman, Iggy (Jose Gonsalves)set off to get revenge the best way they know how: by winning the annual Evil Science Fair.

Case Of The Open Door, 2015

Created for The Providence 48 Film Project

An unlikely childhood friend (Eric Petit) comes back to help his buddy (Tyler Greene) get through a breakup.